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Mission.Goals.Core Competence


The mission of the Department of Economics is to help our students become accomplished professionals who are able to apply economic concepts to make intelligent decisions in their business and financial life.


  1. Offer a solid foundation in applied and theoretical economic theories and related fields of economics.
  2. Enhance students’ awareness of economic forces in society and equip students with practical and professional training.
  3. Help students develop a positive learning attitude and encourage independent thinking
  4. Implement holistic education that can promote students’ moral and intellectual development and attach importance to profession knowledge and ethics.
  5. Offer exposure to a broad range of economic subjects for students in order to help them develop their potential and prepare them for future study and occupations.


Undergraduate We expect to our students to acquire six major competences:

  1. To be able to think critically regarding principles of economics.
  2. To be able to apply economic theories or concepts to make decisions or solve problems.
  3. To be able to articulate economic data and interpret econometric results meaningfully.
  4. To be able to conduct a mathematical logic analysis.
  5. To be able to communicate efficiently.
  6. To be able to develop the physical environment in harmony with the needs of mankind.


We expect to our students to acquire 4 major competences:

  1. To have professional knowledge of Economics
  2. To have professional knowledge of Finances
  3. To have capacity to conduct academic research
  4. To have ability to solve real-life problems
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